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Intuitive Healing

Illness may often be an opportunity created within one's life to change and transform. If seen in this way, it can be approached with less resistance. Opening up to spiritual intuitive healing could be the missing component to a complete recovery.

Cutting the cords or disconnecting from any spirit attachments which may affect the overall balance of the person. Reiki and Pranic healing cleanse and liberates stagnant energy, and emotions held within the auric field, and the chakras. The Melchizedek method aligns the body through Ancient Egyptian wisdom and tools.

Crystals and Sacred geometry help to transmute negative energies. It changes the vibrational disturbance and restores harmony to the different organ systems. Sound therapy is another frequency tool, using toning, chimes or singing bowls. The beautiful harmonic notes resonate profoundly, pulsing to restore balance.

Past Life

Uncovering Past life issues helps to pinpoint and brings understanding to the repeating sequence of negative events/patterns, beliefs and recurring illness. Cutting from the karmic cords and bonds releases these elements from the cellular memory of the soul, creating change within the physical body. Angelic and Shamanic healing and guidance offers amazing transformation.

Aligning with Spirit

Soul retrieval and connection to guides will provide a higher level of protection from negative energies, resulting in complete peace and tranquility. Using techniques the Shaman's of different cultures, including Australian Aborigines, Bali, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Hawaii; bringing all the elements of the lower, middle and upper worlds back into balance.

A new way of experiencing life will be provided when in alignment with spirit. Disease will be a thing of the past. Health and vitality will be the new present and future.

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For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure. I believe there is healing potential locked inside plants, which is integral with their evolution, just as it is part of human evolution to learn to tap into this wonderful gift of Nature - Rudolf Steiner

Release Obstacles

Break through negative patterns

With more energy, I feel amazingly happy, and filled with a positive outlook on life.

Sarah, Perth