Own Your Spotlight

Own Your Spotlight

  • Date : Sundays 6th, 13, 20, 27th May 2018 (replays avail)
  • Location : Online teleconference, your favorite chair
  • Time : 10am - 11am (call in 5 mins before the start)
  • Sold Out

•    Release the barriers to being contracted, shackled and silenced
•    Transform into being radiant, bold, and visible
•    Learn how to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and understood
•    Come out of the shadows, with courage to be daring and assertive


In this 4- week program you'll FLOURISH in 2018 and learn:

•    Practical activating techniques and tools to use daily
•    Spiritual awakenings and healing
•    Access Ancient wisdom & shamanic practices
•    Clear sabotaging patterns, so you can show up fully in your LIGHT

•    Reset your capacity to stand out and be visible with greater purpose
•    Expand your future horizon, explore your assertive edges
•    Receive healing attunements to reclaim your passionate essence
•    Experience the power of sacred ceremonies and rituals
•    Learn spiritual tools to create what truly is in your highest good
•    Raise your wealth frequency exponentially and manifest money
•    Shift your lifestyle and create more health, wealth, and joy
•    Break free of the restrictions, and rebirth into courage and boldness
•    Create meaningful alliances with other heart centred souls
•    Align with greater congruency on all levels and in all dimensions

Who this is for

Join the sisterhood of Heart -centred women, sensitives, intuitives, creatives, medicine women, mystics, healers, storytellers, artists, and light-workers.

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I know it can be scary-challenging to put yourself “out there”.
To claim that you know something that others don’t know.

To have the audacity to be seen and heard in a bigger way, but something is in the way. Where are you hiding behind a mask, and holding back?

BUT If you want to finally turn your life into a series of golden opportunities…
If you want to be propelled forward with your purpose with no excuses…

If there’s a flame burning inside of you…because you do know that you want to grow in greater ways.

To do this we need to be respected by others, our partner, family, friends, colleagues and clients, we need to move out of our ‘box of limitations and restricting structures’.

As we align to the healing transmissions, attunements, and processes, that will weave our strengths and sacred power into our core, to support stepping into our potency and visibility.

We will heal the wounds, and release the past patterns of being stuck, stagnant, and rejected.

By breaking free of the restricting mould, and rebirth into a fuller spectrum of potency, being acknowledge, and valued.

Feel more magnetic and embrace your uniqueness, opening multiple doors of opportunities.

Starting Sunday 6th May, I’m inviting you to join me for this powerful  4 -week program. There will be replay available
Includes 4 x1hr calls, where you’ll receive the tools, meditations, release processes, play-sheets, videos, Q & A, and motivation POWER ACTIONS, Plus connect to a supportive online PRIVATE Facebook community.

I’ll set a powerful intentions for each week.

I'd love YOU to join me, others around the world

Discover your soul gifts, own your spiritual power, activate your life purpose.

Mariangela helped me to find my own inner strength and courage.