Designed Destiny 2018

Designed Destiny 2018

Date: 08-Jan-2018
Capacity: 23 (100% booked)



Date  :
 Mondays 8th, 15, 22 & 29th January 2018, replays will be available
Time :  11 am -12pm (call in 10 mins before the start)
Venue  :
 Online teleconference, your favorite chair
Price  :
 $197     Payment by 1st January 2018
Ph :
 0411 389 811




• Want amazing results in 2018?
• Lack confidence and trust in decision making?
• Frustrated with inability to follow through, and commit to completion of ideas- projects-goals?
• Wrap up from unfinished issues - business holding you back from the past


In this 4- week program you'll FLOURISH in 2018 and learn:

•    Become a Powerful Manifestor
•    BE an attractive force for ideal opportunities
•    Live from a place of choice rather than feeling helpless to life
•    Use your higher vision to direct your actions & get desired results
•    Lead your life, money and work-business from your sacred power
•    Use the positive power of your heart- mind to make aligned decisions
•    Unleash the intuitive wisdom into your work-business & life
•    Discover the elements to navigate successfully in all areas of your life
•    Step into FREEDOM - emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially


Do you want a huge Break through and release the blockages from 2017, so that you can take the action steps to love yourself enough, stop hiding and finally shine; to go after 100% of what you truly desire, and believe wholeheartedly it’s possible?

2018 will unveil a new way for soul-inspired manifestation that will completely replace what you have experienced until now!
•    2018 is an 11 Year: the 11 PORTAL opens into Prosperity and Peace all year long.
•    11 symbolizes double new beginnings, clearing the slate and opening the way for exhilarating NEW Opportunities.

2018 will be your opportunity to tap into your inner and outer resources, to manifest love, joy, harmony and abundance.
But... you need to know WHEN the big moments in the codes unfold…

Wrapping up 2017- We’ll be addressing anything left un-finished and incomplete from 2017. This is also where we will be re-setting and re-calibrating the body's energies, systems, organs, endocrines and brain. This brings in clarity and allows the setting up of the strong foundations and building blocks for 2018, and your infinite potential.

Manifestation- Defining and focusing on your aspirations, desires, dreams, short and long- term intentions. This a powerful work when you re-claim your power, aligning with your soul- Heart purpose.

If you want to finally turn your life into a series of golden opportunities…
If you want to be propelled forward with your purpose with no excuses…
If you’re already feeling good about your life, but know there is more…

I invite you to join me for the Designed Destiny 2018

You’ll discover the windows of time that will support you in 2018, and become aligned to your designed goals.

Starting Monday 8th January, I’m inviting you to join me for this powerful  4 -week series. There will be replay available
Includes 4 x1hr calls, where you’ll receive the tools, meditations, modules, release processes, play-sheets, videos, Q & A, and motivation POWER ACTIONS you can use to ignite and expand your voice. Plus connect to a supportive online PRIVATE Facebook community.

Imagine how you will BE, by the end of the 4-week series... you’ll be ready to embrace your wholeness, harness your unique voice and show up in your own life in a way that is authentically you.

I’ll set a powerful intentions for each week.

You'll have the audios to listen to at your convenience and video's with .
Together we will be connecting with laser-focused intention to expand your success in 2018.
We wrap up with your inspired POWER actions, to motivate you for the week to come.

I'd love YOU to join me, others around the world

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